Monday, December 17, 2012

Wintertown by Stephen Emond

Lucy and Evan have been best friends since the were kids. Even when Lucy moved away, the duo manages to keep their partnership alive. Lately, though, it seems the two are growing apart. Until Lucy comes to see Evan.

Soon the two are inseparable. What Evan doesn't know, though, is that jealousy is slowly eating Lucy away. She can't stand how perfect Evan's life is. His parents are still together, he has the perfect grades, the perfect friends, the perfect life. Everthing Lucy is trying to escape at home comes creeping back during her time with her best friend. She can't stand herself, but she can't seem to stop. She wants Evan to hurt, like she did. She wants him to know what heartbreak feels like and how much it hurt to be crushed. Can their love survive the season?

I blasted through this book. It took me probably three days to read it, it was that good. It also had pictures, which the inner child in me absolutely loves! It definitely isn't your typical romance novel, that's for sure.

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