Friday, August 3, 2012

One Day by David Nicholls

I recently read this book, called One Day. Looking at the cover you think 'Oh, what a nice, romantic book!'. No, it was, in fact, an awfully irritating, disappointing, stupid, insert-insulting-word-here, book! The ending was sad and depressing and I could barely pull myself through the mucked up mess that was this book. Want my opinion? No? Too bad. Save yourself the time and heartache and find a book with a real plot.

Okay,so I am being a bit harsh. The book, I'm sure, to someone else was a smashing hit, but with me it didn't tickle my tummy. Maybe I wasn't in the mood for sadness (which the book definetly had) and so I came down with a little too much force when I decided that this book was not in my Fave Five.

Dex and Emma have been best friends ever since a that fateful night when they took a tumble in the sheets (wink wink). We take a look into their lives for one day (that same day they met) every year, for twenty years. Through tears and triumphs, heartbreaks and -aches, Dex and Emma manage to hold onto their love for each other until (SPOILER ALERT) they finally get together. For keepsies.

But this isn't what makes me dislike the book. No, what makes me not like the book is two years after they get together she (SPOILER ALERT) dies. Yes, you heard me right, she dies. Now what kind of ending is that?

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