Monday, November 19, 2012

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

This modern take on Cinderella is as far from the original story as you can get. With a plot that keeps your eyes glued to the page and twists that will give you whiplash, this book will leave you wanting more. Thank Goodness there are a billion other books in the series!

Cinder, a cyborg who is left with her rude step mother and sisters after her adoptive father dies, is a mechanic working in the markets to pay for her family's luxuries. In the midst of a plague that is quickly killing everyone she knows and cares about, Cinder is just trying to keep herself alive. That is, until she meets the handsome prince Kai. While Cinder is trying to keep herself from feeling things for Kai, her sister is rapidly dying of the fast spreading plague and Cinder feels as though she is drowning.

When Kai asks her to his coronation ball it takes all her strength to say no. She has too much on her plate to indulge in such a luxury, with the realization that she is immune to the plague and the evil Lunar queen visiting the castle, Cinder doesn't have time for boys. Or should I say men? Along with some very secret knowledge that she has uncovered about herself, thanks to her friend, Dr. Erland, Cinder has to deal with her hate consumed step mother and the fact that her dreams of running away may never come true. Will Cinder ever catch a break?

This book was marvelous! I loved how Marissa Meyer took the general idea of Cinderella and she twisted it to her liking. I mean, how much more modern can you get than cyborgs?! This book kept me up at night, reading until my eyelids were so heavy that I was reading with my eyes closed. To read this book or not to read this book, that is the question? Oh, wait! No, it's not! READ THIS BOOK!

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